The Designer


Beatrice Looi, a designer who is born in a family that has been in the garment business. With this credit, she is able to experience with different kinds of fabrics and accessories, however she does not dictate herself to one special style or fabric but she chooses to work with whatever sources that is in the market. Anyone who has view her collection over the years will notice that she has been influential in shaping the Malaysian fashion industry since she started more than 18 years ago. She tried her hand in wedding gowns, clothes for the moms of brides-to-be, flower girls and endless cocktail dresses to suit any occasions. Moreover, she has made some enormous, colourful and bold designs.

Similarly to the brand, she has light and soft outlook, at the same time strong and firm position towards her designs. Experienced in fashion over the years, Beatrice understands there are do’s and don’ts, the first thing by no means to negotiate with Beatrice is quality. Her best quote: “Never ever compromise on quality”. Very often, you will see craftsmanship went into Beatrice’s creation. Hand-stitched beads, crystals, hooks and nooks are cultured in the brand. There is no heavy reliance on machines, therefore great pride should be taken in producing clothes that were not only well-designed, but remarkably beautiful.

Besides, Beatrice supposes every client will be able to experience the sense of “reborn”. It is a satisfaction to see clients smile happily with their fitting dress when they stepped out from boutique. It is just like making a pre-period of reproduction stone transforming it into a shining gem. Being a mother of two, Beatrice knows exactly which body parts women want to hide. Therefore, her responsibility is to make every client looking great in a fitting dress no matter what type of body shapes she has. There is no such obsession that one needs to have a mannequin body figure to go well with the clothes, however it is all depends on what you wear, and whether the design is able to fit you and makes you look outstanding. This is fashion, and the belief of Beatrice Looi.