French Lace Tulle Wedding Gown

Another custom-made couture wedding gown for our gorgeous and happy customer, Ms. Wan Hoong. First and foremost, we would like to congratulate Ms. Wan Hoong on her wedding. She look absolutely stunning and elegant in this Tulle Wedding Dress. We believe that a custom made wedding gown will truly be a signature piece to reflect your personality and Ms. Wan Hoong proved this to us, looking so confident in her most beautiful look from inside and outside.

We would also like to thank you and your husband for the feedback. It really means a lot to Beatrice and her team.

Message from Ms. Wan Hoong and her husband,

Hello Beatrice and Team,

Please see attached the photos. I would like to thank all of you for your time and effort, my husband and I love the dress. Here is message from him:
‘The dress was kept a surprise from me since the start, I only saw it when I went to the gate crashing session. It was everything I imagined my future wife would be like, and look like, at her very very best. The material was one of a kind, gentle, elegant and it accented all the features she had with the well crafted handiwork at Beatrice’s Team. It was stunning, and having bought the couture piece for our own keeping, I am certain it would look even better when my wife wears it again during our anniversaries to come.’
Best Regards,
Wan Hoong
Lastly, wedding happens once in your lifetime! Every special bride deserves a perfect dress that will suit her every special needs.

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